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Mother to two girls, wife to high school sweetheart. Born and raised in San Jose with a few years spent in San Francisco and San Diego.

Rapid Fire

Coffee or tea? Coffee, definitely coffee.

Favorite travel destination pre-kids? Japan and France, Pacific Northwest for the weather

Guilty pleasure: Browsing bookstores

Something you cannot live without: eyeliner and earplugs

Latest obsession: Dirty chai lattes

Beauty product discovery that changed your life: Beauty Blender! Sometimes I use it to even out sunblock on the girls since they are so squirmy.

Favorite time of day with the girls: Friday afternoons, knowing that we can slow down from the busy weekday schedule


After having the girls, I was really looking for a place to shop, not only for them but also for my friends' kids. I love visiting well-curated shops for inspiration, whether it’s discovering a new brand or seeing an amazing window display. However, the true catalyst that turned a dream into reality was having the support of my husband and friend Minh.




Yay Area native | Merchandising professional | Wife to a patient man | Unexceptional mom

Rapid Fire

Coffee or tea? Coffee for the taste – I order decaf because I love torturing myself.

Favorite travel destination pre-kids? Paris

Guilty pleasure: Buying Fiji water every time I'm at the airport.

Something you cannot live without: Aquaphor

Latest obsession: Coconut milk mocha macchiato from Starbucks. Everyday. 

Beauty product discovery that changed your life: Dry shampoo

Favorite time of day with Juniper: Picking her up from daycare. For a brief moment, I am her favorite person in the world; it's very short-lived.


As Ann mentioned, I’m the reason why this is even happening - no big deal. All kidding aside, Juniper came along and changed everything. She motivates me to be a better person and to set a somewhat decent example. She spurred my ambition to fulfill a dream I didn’t even know I had until I became a mother. To build something from scratch, execute a vision and share what I love with others seemed out of reach until now. My hope is that Band of Bandits becomes “my favorite shop” to some and eventually many parents out there looking for something different and especially to those who want to support small businesses.

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