About Us

Band of Bandits is a thoughtfully-curated concept store for children's apparel, toys, and accessories.

Founded by Ann and Minh, two friends who are moms to three wild girls i.e. The Bandits. Ann has two daughters, Olive (3 YO) and Emma (1YO) and Minh has a daughter, Juniper (1.5 YO). Together, they appreciate the uncommon, enjoy discovering new products and brands along with learning the stories behind them. What drives them is a love for modern, simple, gender-neutral design together with fun and quirky awesomeness. The items found here will add a touch of joy and imagination to the everyday norm.

On the side, Minh works as a site merchandising manager for a major e-commerce company and as the project manager for the Lee household. Ann works in healthcare and enjoys black coffee and a good pen (Uni-ball Jetstream!). They are excited to grow Band of Bandits into a place to shop for all the little ones in your lives.